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New To Developing - Can I create custom commands and send to WeMo/PC?

I'm just getting into programming and I'm setting some goals for myself. Before I commit myself to one, I want to figure out if it is possible. I would like to be able to create custom commands that will be recognized by WeMo. For example, here is the set up I ultimately want to have: (My activation word for this will be "Computer" because that is what I have been working with so far) Scenario: I'm looking at a webpage and I want to scroll down. Me: "computer, scroll down." Echo hears command --> Echo sends command to WeMo --> WeMo scene "scroll down" is activated --> WeMo scene does not actually do anything because it is a "dumb" command (it has no commands in it) --> a program called Voxcommando sees that WeMo dumb command "scroll down" was activated (through a WeMo plugin, Voxcommando monitors the state of scenes/devices on WeMo. This generates an event that I can use to trigger an action)--> Voxcommando executes command "scroll down" --> webpage scrolls down. Now, if I can get the Echo to communicate directly to Voxcommando (on my PC), that would be excellent! I currently already have a mic system in my home connected to my computer that runs Voxcommando (which performs all of my home/computer automation), but I have found that the Echo is really really good at voice recognition (light years better than the Microsoft VR system Voxcommando uses). I want to be able to harness that ability of the Echo and the capabilities of Voxcommando. If this is possible, it would be even better if someone could point me in the right direction on how to achieve this. Thanks! - Ricky
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Hi, The closest thing you'd want to look at is the Alexa Lighting API: However, this will still not let you directly communicate in a device's protocol, nor will it allow you to create custom wake words. -Nick
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