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number slot can't convert "million", results in question mark

With the sample utterance:

SetNumber {amount}

and amount defined as

      "intent": "SetNumber",
      "slots": [
          "name": "amount",
          "type": "AMAZON.NUMBER"

I see the following slot values for the given input:

  • "three thousand" -> 3000 (correct)
  • "three million" -> ?
  • "three hundred thousand" -> 300000 (correct)
  • "three hundred fifty thousand" -> ?

Outside of the skill all of these numbers work ("alexa, what is three million times ten", etc), how am I supposed to define the slot or sample utterances so this works?

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I also note that even the mathematics engine (native alexa) doesn't handle "two point five million" (it registers it as 2.51)

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KirkC@Amazon answered

Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I've escalated this issue internally to be researched. I'll follow up when I've heard back.

Update: Although we do not have an immediate fix, we were able to reproduce the behavior you described. Additionally, we have a partial explanation of the discrepancy. The short version is that AMAZON.NUMBER and the functionality of asking Alexa to sum two numbers are being handled by different systems. Our internal development teams are aware and this is being looked into more deeply.

Update 2: The development team has pushed out an update an it now appears that large numbers like "three million" and "three hundred fifty thousand" will be handled properly without the skill being passed a "?" as the slot value.

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This is super old but any update? :)

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Thanks for the update @KirkC@Amazon

Any idea when we might expect movement on this? Or recommended workarounds?

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I don't have any additional information to share at the moment. If and when we hear back from our development teams I'll update this thread.

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I've run into this issue too. Big numbers in general don't seem to be understood by AMAZON.NUMBER. A workaround seems to be for the user to say the number digit by digit (e.g. instead of saying "six hundred forty thousand", say "six four zero zero zero zero".

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