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Mobile Ads not showing


i have setup everything in my android app and included also the mobile ads key. my app is now life and i have downloaded the app so see if everything is working but the mobile ads are not showing up. The banner ad is not loading and also the interstitial ad is not loading ? im testing from germany. maybe anybody can tell me what is going wrong here

also in logcat i get this

Ad failed to load. Code: NETWORK_ERROR, Message: Could not contact Ad Server

Ad failed to load. Code: NO_FILL, Message: Server Message: no results. Try again in 10 seconds

thanx in advance


mobile ads
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Hi Frank,

Thanks for posting! You should be able to see ads in Germany, it is one of the supported countries. Does your app have network connectivity otherwise? Does your phone have data connection?

Error codes for Amazon Mobile Ads are here:

When you are sure that network connectivity is available and you are no longer getting the NETWORK_ERROR, but still getting NO_FILL errors, please review these Knowledge Base articles:

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Up to 2 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 512.0 KiB each and 1.0 MiB total.

ok i know whats the problem :) tested on galaxy s3mini :) i think this ad size is not supported. on galaxy s3 its working fine.also on galaxy tab a. thanx for your help ..i think the ads are tuned up for amazon kindle devices but i have not kindle device here

but btw. i have an old kindle fire otter1 with custom rom running 4.4 but does not show up there too and i´m getting the same error

so only "some" screen sizes are supported ?

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I'm glad your issue is resolved. Yes, the NO_FILL error most often directly relates to the ad size or placement, so we normally recommend developers to check their XML layouts, ad size specifications, etc. -- see the links I provided in my previous answer. Also see these guidelines for ad sizes:

As for the supported OS, the Amazon Mobile Ads API for Android is compatible with phones and tablets running Fire OS or Android 2.3 and newer, so your Kindle Fire should also be supported. Since you are running a custom ROM, it's up to you to debug it, we don't support or investigate issues on unsupported systems, so please use a proper officially supported device and OS. Thanks!

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