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weitingcheng asked

Problem about brand pronunciation.

As title, I have a problem in pronunciation of our brand.

My company is called "OpenX" and pronounced as "Open X". In Alexa skill, I can escape it by showing different text. For example, Alexa say "Open X is good" and show "OpenX is good" on card. But there is one place I cannot escape. When I say "Alexa, enable openx skill", Alexa will say the first sample utterance which use "OpenX" instead of "Open X" and give the wrong pronunciation.

Is there any way to fix it? For example, set up what Alexa said when use enable a skill?

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KirkC@Amazon answered

Hello weiting.cheng. This is a very interesting case. I used my voice to enable your OpenX skill and so I understand exactly what mispronunciation you're referring to when Alexa says "Try saying: Alexa, ask OpenX what makes then different." But "OpenX" sounded more like "Opanks."

Currently, the only workaround we can think of would be to add a space between "Open" and "X" on the sample utterance, but I fully understand why you wouldn't want to do so given that it's a brand name.

I can't make any promises but I have contacted our Alexa development team and filed a feature request with regard to defining pronunciation of sample utterances. Prior to the ability to enable a skill by voice, this hadn't been a consideration since Alexa wouldn't read back sample utterances to a user. So, thank you very much for bringing it to our attention!

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Any update or ticket # on a fix for this? Thanks.

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