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Skill works in simulator, fails on echo

I used the space trivia app to create a sample skill. I simple changed the quotes about Mars to something else. When I test it, it responds fine on the Development simulator. When I try to use it with my echo, I get a lot of "Sorry, I couldn't find the answer for your question". I go to the Cloudwatch dashboard and it shows errors, but just quantity and nothing else. It records that the error occurred but if you click on the error it simply refreshes the page. I am not an idiot, but the feedback, combined with lack of usable examples is disheartening. What steps can I take to debug the error?

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Were you able to figure this out in the end? Perhaps the Echo was just having trouble understanding you. The issue is also discussed here.Can you also confirm that your Echo was registered to the account with the developer portal where your skill was created?

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