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Is a production skill hosted elsewhere?

I have an app in production, and have had one since April now. I have been working on updates for that version and submitted my last successful revision earlier in May. When I submitted it, I noticed a lot of errors in Lambda, and the testers went silent for weeks...

Then I tried to initiate my skill live on my FireTV without my developer amazon account, and got an error. It appears at the development version I'm using is now linked to the code hosted for production. I was under the assumption that production code is copied elsewhere and stays the same for posterity, HOWEVER, as soon as I removed the offending code from development, I was able to call my skill again and it worked live on my FireTV using another Amazon account.

So, what's going on? Should I keep multiple Lambdas for different versions? How does all this work in the developer console where you promote development to production?

It appears I'm stuck in a loop, and it makes me question what version of my skill the testers have to still be waiting three weeks later to approve it or not (usually only took 3 or 4 days). I'm unsure they are using the development version I recently updated/uploaded to Lambda.

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The Alexa services knows nothing of your server code. All it has is an endpoint. If you change what is at that endpoint, Alexa does not know about it.

So Alexa calls the endpoint you give it. So, of course, if you change what is behind that endpoint, you will get different behavior.

I use this frequently, to fix bugs and update my skills without having to go through certification. If you don't want to do that, do your new work on a different endpoint and point the dev version of your skill at that endpoint. That means you won't have easy access to your production skill. If that's a problem then you should create a separate dev skill for your new work.

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