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Amazon API for Developing Mobile Web Apps

I am looking forward to building Web-Apps for mobile devices strictly using HTML-5, CSS, and JS content only and am interested in using the API offered by Amazon. I have a few questions in this regard : 1- Do you have Amazon APIs (offered as Javascript libraries) for Web Apps also, just like the ones you are offering for Android ? All I could find was three samples with corresponding .js files in the web section of your SDK package. 2- Does Amazon also offer a way to package or build these HTML-5 based apps to be run as a standalone app for Android or iOS ? 3- And finally, will my App have to continuously stay hosted online on my server to work or can it work natively on the users device once installed without connecting to internet ?
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Hi Mayank, Thank you for writing to us. Below are the answers of your query. 1. We provide js library (API) only for the web apps what are targeted to be distributed through Amazon App Store. So basically we wrap the web pages (part of the web app) in a native wrapper that contains Amazon web view (provides support of Amazon web APIs). So the APIs and files you have found inside the web section of our SDK package, can be used in your app. Please note you can not use those APIs in the web apps what could be running in browsers in pc or smart phones/tablets. 2. We do offer an way to test the web apps integrated (may or may not) with Amazon APIs (e.g Amazon In App Purchase) while you are developing your app. Amazon Web Tester app is the one you should use to test your web app in the devices (Kindles and generic Android devices having app store installed). You need to put the launch page URL of your app in the web app tester app ( and do the development or functional testing before submitting the app in Amazon App Distribution Portal. In the portal you are supposed to mention the launch page url in your app setting. Once your app is live, you should be able to download the app as a typical Android binary from the store and that binary would contain the runtime (Amazon web view and other API support) for your app (what you got in the Web App Tester during the development). 3. Yes. You have to keep on serving the web resources (htmls, js, css, images and other files) to the app since we would always fetch them from the app server (path is verified in Amazon Distribution potal) Please refer this link for further information : Please get back in case of any issue or query. Hope this helps.
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