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ADM is not consistently functioning across all our apps

To begin with, we have 6 apps in Amazon, all the apps use ADM, same production/release signing. I have integrated ADM to the apps at the time of ADM Beta, and I had received the client credentials, and api-keys for each app to my registered email. I used the release api key and uploaded to market, at that time there was no security profile as such. once our push server was setup, we see that push is not happening at the client. Now I see there is a preconfigured Security profile, with the client secret same as what we got from ADM support. and the profile has all our apps in it, but none of the apps seem to have applied the profile, when I selected the ADM security profile of the individual app, advice me If I need to apply it. Since one of the app is not registering properly from the time I applied the profile to it. I was able to get the push working for 3 apps, but rest of the 3 apps is not working, the error at the server end are like, 400- unregistered device. 401- unauthorized. and for one of the App, registration is failing on client it self, after i tried applying the pre configured security profile. I have verified the api-keys and signing of the app and ADM integration everything, seems fine. Please Advice and help!, I want to make it work for all the 6 apps. in production, for the new release. Thank you, Sumanth
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Hi amznandroid, Please contact us at Since your application was manually setup during the ADM beta it is possible something isn't configured correctly on our end. Please start a contact us with us and we will work with you to find the issue.
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