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Recently lost HDMI input sound forwarded to Bluetooth Headphones (Toshiba Fire TV)

Model: Toshiba 43LF421U19

Fire TV Home Version: 6480055.1

Software Version: Fire OS (NS6700/4872)

I have a mini PC attached to an HDMI input of the TV (was HDMI 1, but same behavior on all three HDMI inputs). I receive sound from the PC to the TV and it plays through the TV speakers. Until recently, I could turn on bluetooth headphones paired to the TV and also get sound that was coming from the HDMI input. But that no longer works. I still get sound out of the TV speakers, but not via the headphones. This same issue is occurring on two different brands of bluetooth headphones.

Was there a recent software change that might have caused this? Any fixes on the todo list?

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