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Your app submission does not meet one or more of our acceptance criteria for some or all targeted devices. Failure reason(s) are listed below:

Hello , First of all I want to excuse if I my spelling is not the best, I am not native english speaking .

Now heres my problem:

  • Your app appears to store personal customer information, such as physical addresses, e-mail addresses and credit information. Please explain your application security measures so that we can better understand how you will protect our customers' personal information. If you use third party secure data storage services, identify these partners and explain the capacity in which you will be working together. In addition, if you haven’t already, you should provide your privacy policy URL through your distribution portal account so that we can include it on the product detail page for your application.

And now let me explain the story of the app. I own a shopify store, and now I want to relase my shopify store app, The app will show a mobile version of the website and wont be a separate store or anything, Just the main store but in a mobile friendly looking way displayed on my App, because I want to make it easier for my clients to buy from my store on the app not the actual website on theyr phone.

My question: What swould it do when I recive this netification? Because I do not keep any information about any client, Me persoanly I do not, they are stored on shopify system so is everything secure. Whats swould I do now? Because I want my app released but I have this problem , I tried to hit the "Contact us" button on the notification and explain that the app dont store anything, actualy everything is stored is on Shopify end, not on my end, I run a prind of demand, so from shopify the details go on Printfull , and they execute the order , I dont have acces to the cleint details

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