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Widget Shortcuts and changed onDisplayStateChange

I have 2 widgets in my live skill and both use this construct to detect when the widget is swiped into view so as to request a datastore refresh from the skill Lambda:

  "onDisplayStateChange": [
      "type": "Sequential",
      "sequencer": "displaySequencer",
      "commands": [
          "when": "${event.displayState == 'foreground'}",
          "type": "SendEvent",
          "arguments": [
          "flags": {
            "interactionMode": "INLINE"

With the new widget shortcut icon to launch a widget (instead of the old swipe-into-view), this event is no longer being sent. Is this a deliberate change or is something broken in the new shortcut system?

A workaround is to send an event via onMount but I'l wondering why something that used to work now stopped functioning as it did. Release notes would be nice.

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