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deeboy asked

How to handle multiple redirect_uri when OAuth client only accepts one

My skill utilizes the API of a 3rd party (3p) service, which requires account linking. I intend to make the skill available in all supported markets.

The blocker I'm facing is that the 3p's OAuth client only accepts one redirect_uri. Since Alexa uses one of three redirect_uri depending on the user's region, I can only support account linking from region at a time.

During the beta period, I get around the limitation by asking users to fill out a web-form indicating their region, then I manually swap in the correct redirect_uri. This method is not scalable and more importantly, won't pass certification.

I've reached out to the 3p service asking them to support multiple possible redirect_uri but they won't provide a positive response. They say they don't have the resources to add the capability. They also don't offer an API for updating the OAuth client's config so I can't change it programmatically. Not that I can imagine how I would trigger the switch when a user performs account linking.

I'll include this here just in case but I doubt it'll be helpful. I am able to create multiple 3p OAuth clients but since the Alexa skill's Account Linking page only accepts one set of credentials (client ID & secret), that doesn't help me.

The only feasible solution I can imagine is maintain a clone of the skill for each region but I reeeaaaally don't like this idea.

Has anyone else faced this issue? If so, how did you handle it?

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Andy Whitworth answered

Hi, I faced the same issue when integrating with Strava. Strava require me to specify the callback domain in their API config. They only accept one domain and so I used This covers and but not So I just had to omit any region which used from the skill distribution. Not great but I couldn't think of an alternative.

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I see how that could be a compromise. Unfortunately, I need to specify the entire redirect_uri, not just he domain. :(
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