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Audio Ducking on Flash Briefing Audio?

I produce a short videos that have soft music in the background. I export an audio only version of these videos and post them to Spotify Podcasts. I then use a Zapier script to create an RSS feed that only grabs the latest episode. This is the feed I use for my Amazon Flash Briefing Skill.

When I listen back on my Echo Dot, the background music sounds like it's constantly fluxing, getting louder and then quieter. I believe what is happening is that the device is trying to level/normalize the voice volume, but this results in a very distracting background audio pulsing at the beginning and end of sentences.

If I listen to my flash briefing on my phone, it sounds perfectly normal, the way it should sound. But all of my Echo dots make the audio very distracting.

(I have no idea how long this has been going on. I used to listen to this every day, and I don't remember it being like this... but it's honestly been at least a few months if not a year since I've used my flash briefing... and I just started using it again.)

Any ideas on how to make it not sound like this? I'm concerned that other people are dealing with this too.

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