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How do I get LWA Authorization Credentials?

I am a registered Amazon seller with a professional account. Recently, I am trying to write an app to make SP-API calls using C# SDK for my own private use. I have been following the instructions in this post:

I got to #9 of step 3, but cannot figure out where I can get the LWA Authorization Credentials. How can I get the Client ID, Client Secret and Refresh Token for my LWA? As far as I understand, LWA is for third-party apps. Since I am writing this app for my own personal use, do I really need this credentials?

In my Amazon Seller Central, I can view my AWS Access Key ID and Client Secret key by clicking "App and Services > Develop App". I use this key for a third-party app that to manage my orders, but this app will not migrate to the new Amazon SP-API portal so I have to write my own app. Can I use this key instead of LWA? Please advise.

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