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IAP Unit tests Android

How to write Unit tests using Amazon IAP classes on Android?

For example, I want to use Receipt model in my Unit tests but I get an error

java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target 41
Exception Details:
    com/amazon/device/iap/model/Receipt.<init>(Lcom/amazon/device/iap/internal/model/ReceiptBuilder;)V @29: if_acmpne
    Expected stackmap frame at this location.
    0000000: 2ab7 0028 2bb6 0024 1208 b800 1d2b b600
    0000010: 2112 05b8 001d b200 132b b600 21a6 000c
    0000020: 2bb6 0022 1206 b800 1d2a 2bb6 0023 b500
    0000030: 1a2a 2bb6 0024 b500 1b2a 2bb6 0021 b500
    0000040: 182a 2bb6 0022 b500 192a 2bb6 001e b500
    0000050: 152a 2bb6 0020 b500 172a 2bb6 001f b500
    0000060: 162a 2bb6 0025 b500 1cb1           
10 |5000

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