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Ying Zhao asked

Change my developer account documentation to English

Hi there,

My Windows 10 machine used to have Chinese set up as default locale, and after signed up to Amazon developer account, all user documents are displayed in Chinese. I changed Windows locale to English, and restarted the machine. However, the documents in my Amazon developer account are still displayed in Chinese. How do I change the display to English? Thank you.

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1 Answer

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Charlie@Amazon answered

Hi Ying, thanks for reaching out! I understand you've transitioned your computer from Chinese language defaults to English, but the documents within your Alexa developer console are still in Chinese. I'd be happy to help with this.

Actually, if you navigate to the developer console, in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen on any tech doc you will find a language button (yours will say "Chinese"). You can click on this button to expand a menu and change the language to "English". Then, the document will appear in English.


Additionally, on the developer console at the bottom of the page you will see a language button where you can change the language from Chinese to English. However, if you would like all spaces to propagate in English, I recommend updating your preferred marketplace to an English-speaking region. You can follow the steps detailed in this forum post for background and guidance with updating the preferred marketplace.

I hope this helps! Thanks again for reaching out, and thank you for your interest in Alexa.

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