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Alexa skills inside react native app

I'm working on a React Native app to implement Alexa skills from my app.

I have used the Alexa official docs to build and authenticate user using their api's.

I'm able to get the users access token but facing issue when try to connect user account with the help of app linking (App-to-app linking from my app using LWA flow).(used client id from security profile)
After reading many articles i found that i have to use alexa client id to get the access token and then try to get the new amazon code using LWA. With this, code and access token form the previous step, i have to use to get rid of thi error

{ "message" : "The authentication token is invalid or doesn't have access to make this request" }
while implementing " enablement api " but i'm getting this error

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An error occurred when we tried to process your request. Rest assured, we're already working on the problem and expect to resolve it shortly.

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Error Summary

400 Bad Request
The redirect URI you provided has not been whitelisted for your application. Please add your redirect URI in the 'Allowed Return URLs' section under 'Web Settings' for your Security Profile on Amazon Developer Portal.

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I have added the redirect_uri in my security profile (in web setting)
Looking forward to get some usefull answers from the dev community, thank you.
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