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No developer support


We have previously posted our issue as well and got one useless response on this forum and no further responses. Also, we have created numerous contact cases and the most recent one is 13715402891 but we are getting same copy paste responses which is so weird of a company like Amazon. It seems as if there are just 4-5 customer support agents who operate like bots and are uneducated as they can only ctrl c and ctrl v without even reading our emails.

We have mentioned so many times that we own the copyrights for Rainbow Friends and we are happy to prove it but every single time we get same response "We are contacting you regarding your developer account and submitted applications with the Amazon Developer Program.

During our review processes, we have found that your application(s) contains content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of other parties. Due to violations of our content guidelines and/or our developer agreement, we have disabled your developer account and suppressed and/or rejected all submitted applications associated with this developer account.

We have retained records of your developer account but your account is now terminated from further submission uploads".

It is so frustrating and nobody is there to help

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Yeah I know that? But, If you are trying it to finding it a very harder to suspend and/or terminated it all of on our app because you are copies from others developements belongs to somebody else not belongs too you but is it so harder to explain on here at forums but if you are going to appeals some on our sides problems technically issues on our sides?

Amazon are going to go terminates and suspends anothers developer doing it because they are needed to stopped stealing it from someone else's they works protected!

I hope this helps

I am not even knows about it of amazon does it is works, but if you try to explain with on our problems and try it to be patients to try explain why?

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