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My app is unavailable from all amazon marketplaces except .com and after i submitted a new version fixing bugs.

Hi everyone, my app was approved and launched on all amazon marketplaces, after i uploaded a new version fixing bugs the version was approved and went live, however my app is now only available on and after this version submission, even though i made my app available on all marketplaces, my customers from other marketplaces are being prevented from downloading the app again or updating it, how am i supposed to work like this? everytime i upload a new version this is going to happen?

I haven't changed a single line of code in my app except for fixing minor bugs, is this some kind of AI messed up decision or some bug?

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Thank you for posting your comment in the forum.

As this is account/app specific issue, we ask you to submit your inquiry via Contact Us form through your developer account. Once it is submitted by Contact Us form, our internal team should be able to look into your issue further.


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Hello, I've already contacted and received a reply that basically says nothing:

"We sell apps to customers in nearly 200 countries, and the type of content that is prohibited in our program varies across those countries. Not all apps are available to customers in all countries. We reserve the right to restrict any app or IAP item from sale in any country where the distribution of that app’s content may violate the country’s laws, cultural norms, or sensitivities. Due to the high volume of app submissions, we cannot address the specific reasons individual apps are not available in specific countries."

My app was available before this version submission, my customers in the affected marketplaces cannot even access the purchases, I own a serious business and this affects my family income, it seems that I only get these generic answers generated by AI, honestly it seems that developers are treated like a bunch of kids playing at making apps. My business is serious and I need consistency and stability from an app store to work, as well as clear answers, I am sure that my app does not have any problem that restricts it in other marketplaces, because there are thousands of apps with the same theme also available, as is the case of the marketplace of my country "Brazil", I can't talk to anyone, when I get in touch I only get messages generated by AI, and now that is the answer? that is it?

My app was removed after a bug fix update without any explanation, my clients and my business are affected and there is nothing and no one who can help me?

First of all the app should have been rejected in those marketplaces, it was approved in all of them, I did my marketing campaign and captured customers in these marketplaces, and now after a version fixing bugs it simply disappears from the marketplaces except the US and UK, this is sad and discouraging.

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It sounds like you're experiencing an issue with your app's availability on different Amazon marketplaces after submitting a new version. While I can't provide real-time technical support, I can offer some general suggestions for troubleshooting and addressing this type of issue:

  1. Contact Amazon Developer Support: Amazon's developer support is your best point of contact for resolving issues related to your app's availability and updates on their platform. They can investigate the situation and provide you with specific guidance based on your app and its recent updates.

  2. Review Release Notes: Double-check the release notes you provided during the app submission process. Sometimes, certain changes or updates can inadvertently trigger compliance or availability issues. Make sure your release notes accurately reflect the changes you made to the app.

  3. Check Regional Settings: Ensure that your app settings are configured correctly for all the desired marketplaces. Sometimes, there can be configuration issues that affect the app's availability in specific regions.

  4. Review Content Policies: Amazon has specific content policies for its app marketplace. It's possible that something in your app update triggered a content review that led to its limited availability. Review Amazon's content policies to ensure your app complies with their guidelines.

  5. Monitor Developer Console: Check your Amazon Developer Console for any notifications, alerts, or messages related to the availability of your app. There might be insights or information there that can help you understand the issue.

  6. Test on Multiple Devices: Test the app's availability on different devices and in different regions to ensure that the problem isn't device-specific or limited to certain regions.

  7. Rollback to Previous Version: If your app's limited availability is causing significant issues for users, consider rolling back to the previous version while you work on resolving the issue with the updated version. tablets for uber drivers

  8. Consider a Support Forum: Sometimes, other developers might have faced similar issues and discussions on Amazon's developer community or forums might provide insights or solutions.

Remember that app marketplaces can have complex systems in place to ensure quality and compliance, and sometimes even seemingly minor changes can trigger unexpected consequences. Your best course of action is to engage directly with Amazon's developer support for personalized assistance in resolving the issue.

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