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subscription status based on receipt verification response


I'm implementing receipt verification according to, but I'm not 100% if I understand the description. Could you please answer to the following:

- is it true, that if cancelDate != null, then the subscription is already finished, so cancelDate can NOT be > now (in other words cancelDate can NOT indicate that the subscription is going to be canceled at some point of time in future, but instead it indicates that it already happened and it's terminal state)?

- how can we know that subscription is going to be cancelled (but it's not been cancelled yet)? Is it so that autoRenewing will be set to false? And if so what about renewalDate in this case?

- can freeTrialEndDate be < now?

- can gracePeriodEndDate be < now?

- why in the following example trialEdndate > gracePeriodEndDate.

- response for receipt verification, according to documentation, can result with:

HTTP 410 The transaction represented by this receiptId is no longer valid. Treat it as a canceled receipt.

When I can receive 410, and when 200 with cancelDate != null?

Thanks in advance

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