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Hello. I have a question for some experienced users, I am just getting started with Amazon ads but see the potential being amazing for these ads. I do not have API access yet, but I am looking to customize the native ads in regard to the search phrase. In specific wanted to change the search phrase to something like this:

amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "${data.searchPhrase}";

This is a search phrase when setting up a "native search ad". I essentially want to make it dynamic. Since it is javacript, I believe I would need to embed the Amazon script inside of custom code which essentially "destroys" it and re-loads it on the page with the new search phrase, which is generated elsewhere. I can't seem to make that work though.

My question is, has anyone made something like that work before? I don't want to keep wasting my time if it is in fact impossible. And if it has been done, I would love to discuss further on any tips or what not that could get me on the right path. I have tried many different ways, but it won't seem to load once I place the code inside of logic which does which I have explained above.

These ads are on browser/mobile web pages, there are no categories for that for this question.

I truly appreciate anyone's time that can help me with this. Thanks!

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