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Local camera streaming

Hello everyone.

I am trying to get a TTGO-T-Camera-ESP32-WROVER-PSRAM-Camera to stream the RSTP stream to my amazon echo show 5 and can't get it to work. Here's what I have done so far.

1. Generate a device certificate via aws iot device certificate

2. Using IDF MBEDTLS, start a secure TCP server on port 443, configure about certificate and listen.


3. set up mDNS so that can access via name. eg: esp32cam.local. (I can ping from my laptop)

4. Here's the response to "Alexa, show the front camera" API call.

 "payload": {
                "cameraStreams": [
                        "uri": 'rtsp://esp32cam.local:443',
                        "expirationTime": xxx,
                        "idleTimeoutSeconds": 30,
                        "protocol": "RTSP",
                        "resolution": { "width": 640, "height": 480 },
                        "authorizationType": "NONE",
                        "videoCodec": "MJPEG",
                        "audioCodec": "NONE"
"imageUri": ""

5. I can see the ESP32-WROVER waiting for a request from Alexa. As soon as the above response is returned to Alexa, says having trouble accessing the URL. It's almost immediate and never seems to make a call to esp32cam.local. I have tried the IP address as well. It's the same.

Did anyone manage to get the local streaming working? Am I doing something wrong? Please advise

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