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"This app was built on an older version of Fire OS and will not work properly until it's updated..."

My customers (at least a dozen have contacted me with this issue, but it may be many more) have been receiving this error message for many months:

"This app was built on an older version of Fire OS and will not work properly until it's updated to the new version. We have notified the developer and will provide the updated app when a new version is available. In the interim, you can view additional apps you may be interested in here."

It seems the app always works at first when they first purchase and install it but then the next day (next launch?) the message appears and they can no longer use it. I have recently (a week ago) released an update to try to fix this that targets a much more recent Android SDK (API 31) and implements the Appstore SDK solely for doing a DRM check as I thought I read somewhere that not including the Appstore SDK could cause this problem (?) but neither of these seem to have helped: my users have updated and say they're getting the same message.

To be clear, the app shows up in Developer Console as being compatible with the relevant Fire tablets, the Appstore allows users to purchase, it works for at least one launch, then starts giving them the above error message, exiting the app.

My app is made in Unity and is also published on Google Play (and the iOS App Store) if that's relevant.

And by the way, I have never received any notification as the error message suggests!

Any ideas why Fire OS is producing this error message about my app and how it can be resolved?
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