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Keep Previous App Version Active

Hi there,

I publish the apps for Jellyfin (Jellyfin, and Jellyfin for Fire TV).

On some tests there has been a server-side error that has caused the Jellyfin for Fire TV app to fail functional testing. When this happens, we are usually able to resolve it very quickly, request that testing be performed again, and then there are no issues.

In a recent submission, the functional test failed for the new version of the app. As a result, we see that the app is no longer available for download for any Fire TV/Fire TV Stick devices. This is a huge issue for us, because it prevents users from getting the app at all.

Is there a way to "keep" the previous app version active if the update fails some tests? This is standard behaviour with all other app stores that we publish on, and Amazon is the only one who handles it differently.

Is it because I'm replacing the APK when I add a new version? Should I be adding a new APK and keeping the previous one attached? If I do that, how do I know customers will get the latest version out of the two?



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