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Amazon Merch on Demand - Compliance Violation


i am a few days on amazon merch and just got an email:

Dear Content Creator,

Thank you for your design submissioån on Amazon Merch on Demand – [Name of my Shirt with I Hate People] T-Shirt. We are contacting you because your design appears to violate our Content Policy – Content incorporating intellectual property (such as trademarks, copyrights, or the name or likeness of others) that you do not have the right to use. You may only use content that you have documented rights to use. Our Content Policy applies to your designs, product names, keywords on the detail page and the brand name selected. Submitting designs and/or product information using copyrighted material you do not have rights to is a violation of the Merch on Demand Services agreement and may lead to suspension or termination of your account.

Please provide documentation demonstrating that you have the right to use content related to Kamelot. You can review the full Merch on Demand Content Policy here -

If you have sufficient rights to distribute the design, please contact us with the Subject field set to Design Submission Help and include the product title, ASIN, rights holder email and phone number, and proof of rights within the message body here -

We value your participation and appreciate your careful attention to this matter. To ensure that your Merch on Demand account stays in good standing, please ensure you are fully compliant with the Content Policy in future submissions.

Best regards,

The Amazon Merch on Demand Team

I have no idea what it is about. Is there more information about details of the violation (text, image, words,...)?

The design was not removed by Amazon and was still online, but I deleted the design after the mail as a precaution. But I have other shirts with the saying "i Hate people".

Shall i better delete all other shirts with "i hate people"?

Shall "Kamelot" be the owner of the right? Right of what? The image is created by AI. And I could not find a trademark for "I Hate People".

Is there a risk that my account will be deleted?

Thanks for your help.

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Read the FAQs and Terms and Conditions. Hate speech - as defined by Amazon - is forbidden.

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