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Alexa skill certification

Hi all,

We are preparing for certification of our skill. And I found that to pass it we need to have 3 default intents StopIntent, CancelIntent, and HelpIntent (link).

We have a bot application that uses Bot Framework SDK with .NET 5. It is used for interaction with our other application, for the convenient formation and creation of some entities, such as comments, opportunities, tasks, and others, or for obtaining information on them using the bot.
Our application already contains its realized functionality for Help and Cancel intents. If we use Cancel, it cancels the current action and returns to the start of the skill. If we use Help, it gives information on what users can do at each step of the skill.

In Microsoft documentation on how to connect a bot to Alexa (link), I could see an example that showed us that we can skip using some of the default intents and use our own instead.
And here we have a question, can we skip using the default Intents in the skill, because we have our own instead with our functionality logic for them? Is it allowed to get certified?

Also, I would like to clarify about the rules for sample utterances. In our application, we use data from the DB in the output messages to the user in the bot, such as names, titles, descriptions, numbers, and others. Do we need to follow rules in such cases and format them as described?

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