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How to start microphone listening after SSML of each page of a pager?

I have a problem with a Pager regarding an Alexa skill....

Basically I have a responseBuilder without any SSML because I reply with an APLA (with a pager) that has some voices in each slide (defined as SSML for each slide)… Basically I don’t know why but when I reply with the pager the voices (SSML) starts.. but the microphone doesn’t start to listen at the end of the APLA…
Can you suggest me any solution?

Basically I'd like to provide many information with different pages (each slides has some voices): After recognise an answer I'd like to provide a feedback for the previous answer and then the next questions (feedback: 1 slide of a pager; new question: 1 slide of a pager). Each slide has some text as SSML. Now the text is not passed inside the response builder as usual but are inside the directive (APLA):


The problem is that when this intent is recognised, the pager is correctly displayed and in each slide of a pager the text is correctly pronounced, but at the end of the last slide, when the SSML ends, the microphone doesn't stay on to wait for some user input...

If I provide the shouldEndSession

return handlerInput.responseBuilder

I have a different error: the microphone gets listening when the SSML still speaks and the device go wrong....

Can you help me with that?

I can explain better if it is not clear...

Thank you in advance!

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