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about amazon music'api

Where should I apply for amazon music service authorization?



{ "error_description" : "Client does not have permission to use scope : Scope(name=amazon_music:access, parameters=null)" , "error" : "invalid_scope" }


Calling LWA for use with Amazon Music

The LWA documentation above will guide you through the authorization process that applies to your specific application. The Amazon Music-specific component of this process is scope. When you make a device authorization request to LWA you must specify a scope. You can request more than one scope at once: simply separate scopes with spaces. Which scope(s) you need depends on the API functionality you will need access to. While the Web API makes use of a number of different scopes, the Device API only requires one scope: amazon_music:access.

The Security Profile ID(s) used by Music client applications must be enabled by the Amazon Music Service in order for authorization to be successful.


apilogin with amazonamazon musicscope.token
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For the time being access to the Amazon Music APIs is limited. We must ensure developers can adhere to our Program Requirements. If you feel you have a solid use-case for Amazon Music integration, e-mail with information about who you are and what product you are building and we will consider providing access to the APIs. We hope to make these more publicly available in the future.

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I have sent Send a message, but he didn't reply. At present, our products need to add Amazon Music, which will also affect the customer experience. What conditions do we need to get the support of Amazon Music?

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