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Any skill to help me to know where I kept my things?

Im not shure if im in the right place, but here i go!!!

Is there an alexa skill that helps me know where I've put my stuff around the house?!

For example, I say: "Alexa, I put the boxing gloves in the second drawer in the big closet." and , "Alexa, I kept the tire pump on the garage shelf in a blue box."

Later (maybe months later) I would ask Alexa where I kept something and she would answer me what I had previously told Alexa.

example: "Alexa, where is the air pump?"

Alexa: "air pump is on the shelf in the garage inside a blue box"

I would love to have a skill like this one or similar. Does anyone know if there is already an alexa skill like this or similar?

Thanks a lot!

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