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My account has been suspended for no reason

Hello, I am Marwan. I was a seller on Merch by Amazon. I do not know why you suspended my account, even though I still see my designs being sold on your platform. you, what did you reward me in the end? This is shameful and forbidden. I want to know why my account was suspended. What mistake did I make? I am sure that you will search and you will not find anything in my account.

Please re-verify this decision and this ruling. It is an unjust ruling. I was working hard in searching for successful designs and designing what the buyers wanted in order to rise in the level at Amazon.

If you read this message, I hope you feel for me. I am really wronged. I uploaded ten designs and they are still being sold.

Please restore my account now. I ask you to do that. I did not make a mistake. Even if I made a mistake, I did not mean that. Just send me a warning. I do not even know what this mistake is.

I really feel angry at this ruling

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