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Prototype a Compound Device

I am trying to understand how to prototype a product as a compound device. There is minimal guidance on how to correctly format this in the JSON provision file and how to implement this in the hmcu application code. I have been following the ACK documentation and have successfully created a basic product prototype that has a power capability, a range capability, and a mode capability. However, I am struggling with the compound devices part that should essentially demonstrate all these capabilities duplicated as separate devices(similar to the powerstrip example explained in the “Alexa Live 2022” youtube video, where each socket has its own power capability).

An obscure tutorial video explaining ACK compound devices showed a provision file with a field declared as “compoundCapabilities”. Is this a relevant detail required in the provision file? In the hmcu code, I have added the statement "#define ACK_COMPOUND_DEVICE" in the ack_user_config.h file. I've also augmented the ACKUser_PropertyTable struct with EndpointId's in the main.ino file(It successfully compiled this without error). Where do I go from here on the implementation? Are there any documentation resources for either ACK or ASK that can provide additional relevant implementation guidance? I have the latest espressif module, sdk v4, and the latest firmware updates installed if that information is of any use. Thank you in advance for your help!

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