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Please Advice My USA & UK Payment Has been on Hold Since August Due To Bank Error Which I Thought I Fixed?

Hi Guys

Please i need your advice on what i need to do, am kind of confused right now, In August There was an error with my bank account, because my provider was doing some maintenance and verification and when that happens, no funds can come in and as a result, my amazon payment for August was declined, so the payment bounced back to Amazon.

However now the verification is completed and my bank account is functional, but Amazon Put my payment on hold for USA & UK marketplace. Amazon contacted me to update my banking information, that i should delete and add updated bank details, so what i did was delete the bank information and re-entered the same bank information back, because now it is working and since amazon has sent in my EUR payment For the Month of September & October, which is around 4 Euro, majority of my sales are from USA and UK, so that is still on hold.

I thought if i delete and re-add the bank account, it should clear up the problem and amazon should send all my old and current payment, but on the 20th of November they sent the Remittance Advice email and i realized they still omitted the USD and UK, which means it is still on hold on their end.

Please anyone with such experience, do i need to use a completely different bank account for this issue to be resolved.



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