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Can't Show Incoming Call View On Top Of Lockscreen On Fire OS 8

We are trying to submit a VoIP app on the Amazon App Store, but are having problems with being able to show an "Incoming Call" Activity on top of the lock screen, but only on Fire OS 8.

On Fire OS 7 it works as expected: the Fire tablet wakes up, rings and shows our "Incoming Call" Activity on top of the lock screen.

On Fire OS 8, the Fire wakes up, rings, but shows the ad-filled lockscreen, that makes it quite confusing for the user.

This is not a bug in our app, as Microsoft Teams and Facebook Messenger have the exact same behaviour.

We think that it's because Fire OS 8 does not respect the android:showWhenLocked="true" & android:turnScreenOn="true" attributes from the manifest.

We tested with:

  • Fire 10, 11th generation, 2021, running Fire OS
  • Fire 7, 12th generation, running Fire OS
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