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ask new fails requesting Authentication for https://git-codecommit

ask new (or ask clone a skill) fails. Error message:

Skill creation failed. Reason: Failed to create a hosted skill. Reason: Git folder setup failed for c:\Users\john\Documents\Alexa\BUG\askskilltwo. Reason: Failed to execute git { "exitCode": 128, "gitErrorCode": "AuthenticationFailed", "gitCommand": "fetch", "stdout": "", "stderr": "warning: invalid credential line: Failed to fetch a LWA access token.

fatal: Authentication failed for ''n" }

(it does create the skill - I can see it in the developer console)

This is similar to

I've tried:

I've reinstalled the ASK extension as suggested above, as well as:

1. Creating new ASK profile and linking with my developer account.

2. I can create a repo and clone it:

git clone

3. I've followed:

git config --global credential.helper "!aws codecommit credential-helper $@" etc...

4. I've tried:

and reinstalled Git for Windows without the option for the Git Credential Manager utility, because it is not compatible with CodeCommit.

and as suggested:

"removed any stored credentials from the Credential Manager utility (you can find this utility in Control Panel). After you have removed any stored credentials, add the following to your .gitconfig file, save it, and then try connecting again from a new command prompt window"

I've created a new AWS user with codecommit permissions too

I can git clone https://<one of my repos> without error, or asking for authentication

node version: v12.16.1 installed

ask cli --version : 2.28.0

Can anyone help? TIA

ask cliask sdk
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Ok - you can ignore this.

I think the problem was that I wasn't signed into AWS from VS code and AWS toolbox

I've created a new profile and added access key and secret key to credential file

and signed into AWS

and it works

I now have ASK Profile:defaut AWS:profile:test2 along the bottom of my VS code screen and it now creates a skill


Setting Up the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

Establishing credentials for the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

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That wasn't the solution. I still have the problem

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