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Text not showing up on soft keyboard for Android compose text field

Hey Everyone,

We're developing an application for Fire TV, using the Android Jetpack Compose library and we ran into an issue with the soft keyboard when editing a text field.

When using the app on Fire TV, by focusing on the Compose Text Field, the on-screen software keyboard shows up. However, while typing the content, it doesn’t show up what’s being typed on the software keyboard window. As the software keyboard on Fire TV is full screen, the user doesn’t have a visual feedback of what is being typed. If we close the keyboard, we can see that everything that was typed are shown in the Text Field though, please see attached video.
This issue does not occur on Android TV, as the on-screen software keyboard from Android TV shows up only on the bottom of the screen.screen-shot-2022-09-23-at-24811-pm.png

Has anyone else faced this issue, and found any work around for that?

Thank you.

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