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Routine app update Under Review for nearly 3 months...

Prior to this, our app updates never took more than a couple of days. We have had two release cycles on other platforms since this last submission on the Amazon App Store on June 6th. We did make the transition to the bundle file instead of using the apk. Since that is newly supported by amazon, might that be the issue?

At this point, I've sent dozens of follow ups on the ticket I opened about a week after we submitted the app, but no replies at all.

Could the Amazon team please comment on why app reviews are seemingly on hold all of a sudden?

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After nearly 3 months of waiting with no status updates or responses from inquiries, I decided to cancel the release again and re-roll it out as an apk, as opposed to the recently supported bundle option which I had switched to in June and had been waiting for approval ever since. Our app was then approved within the typical 3 days. I had cancelled and re-published before but each time I had continued trying the bundle option.

  • Are there different teams handling bundles vs apks?
  • Is there a technical glitch with the new bundle option?
  • Was that not even related and I just got lucky this time?

Would be nice if we could hear from Amazon on this issue.

Also, if someone else has been waiting for weeks/months for approval on an existing app, and are using the apk option, please reply and let us know as that would probably then rule out the bundle vs apk theory as to why some app approvals are taking unreasonably long times.

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Again we submitted a routine minor update on December 9th and it is now March 15th and our app remains under review. We have filled out the contact form about a dozen times. "If" we get any response at all, it is just a template that doesn't provide any insights. Surely this cannot be a problem for most apps. But if the reviewers have an issue with our app, we would appreciate the opportunity to hear about it so we can make appropriate adjustments and resubmit. We are on all the other stores and the Amazon App Store is the only one we have issues with.

Could someone from amazon please help us learn why our app is stuck in review for over 3 months?

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