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Has this Fire Stick Lite been compromised, Hacked or something else?

My Brothers fire stick lite gen 2, showed a couple of items in the 'App Notifications' page in settings. My brother is convinced they are development only apps and should never be on his fire stick. I see two components of the Alexa Skills kit showing notification handlers for some reason. I am unable to find any thing definitive on the web. I used to write C, Java, HTML5 and shell scripting so I am unfamiliar with the FireOS (it's version My brothers coding experience dates back to the M68K on the Amiga in the 1990's. He is sure 'someone' has remotely accessed his fire stick, rooted it, side loaded these dev apps, and not covered their tracks. Now someone is pointed at me as I am the megaNerd in the family. I am trying to get to the bottom of why these components are shwing in his settings under App Notifications. Please somebody give me something to clear my name (i.e. that you cannot infact remote access a fire stick lite and root it etc), and also explain why these are showing...? Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you are my only hope.....


The Fire TV Alexa Destination and the Multimodal Smarthome components have him spooked as heck. He hasn’t seen them on his other sticks. He does have a Show 8 and a Show 5 and Blink Cameras and doorbell plus a bunch of Tapo plugs, and generic alexa bulbs.

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