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FireTV Channel Continually Rejected for IAP with no In-App Purchase


We've been trying to get our app approved for over two months now. Initially, we had a QR code pointing to third party websites. We removed that, and received this same completely confusing rejection:

  • Your app makes digital content available for purchase inside the app, charges end users to use the app or its content, or facilitates non-Amazon account creation. Therefore, to be made available on the Amazon Appstore, it must use Amazon’s In-App Purchasing API (or other methods we make available to you) to process payment for such content, and may not facilitate or direct customers to use any other payment method (including hyperlinks or QR code) for Content intended to be used within your Mobile App. The Amazon In-App Purchasing API makes it easy for you to offer digital content --such as in-game currency, expansion packs, upgrades, magazine subscriptions, and more--for purchase within your apps. It's easy to integrate and cost-effective to get up and running quickly, and our 1-Click purchase experience is simple, secure, and trusted and can increase conversion rates for purchases within your app.

Do we have to implement Sign-In with Amazon, or what is required? We don't offer in-app content purchasing and I don't know how I can communicate this more clearly, and no one will respond.

This is a very poor developer experience, we spent a lot of time building this channel, and it's been live on Roku for months with no problems.

Thank you!

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