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Kowledge Skill Beta Test does not work, Betatest invites work but testing in the App not possible (Germany)

For a university project we (a small team) needed to develope a skill.
We used the Knowledge Skill for the project. Now we want to start beta testing and it is not working.
In the test function in the developement environment the skill worked and alexa answered correctly with the data provided. But in the beta test (on App and Echo) Alexa always uses answers from the web. The app shows the skill in the "your skills" part under "private" and "developement" for the testers.

We are located in Germany and the skill is in the English(US) language. The Alexa Apps of the testers have English(US) as language activated. It was possible to invite testers and they can accept the skill for beta test and the skill shows in the app.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?
Thank you.

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