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Alexa.Networking.AccessController usage in Italy with "en-US" language

I have a question regarding built-in (non-custom) skill language and region support.

I would like to use Alexa.Networking.AccessController interface in Italy. On the list of interfaces I can see that the only supported language is "en-US".

The problem is that even though on the input device (does not matter if it is an Echo speaker or Alexa app) I have set the language to "en-US" I am still unable to turn on "Wi-Fi Access" feature. After I tap on "Wi-Fi Access" I am receiving an UI Button that takes me to my router settings (see below).

Ideally I would like to have "English / Italiano" language set on my device and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work - it looks like some bug. Can anyone explain to me why it is this way? Is there any known workaround?

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