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[Request] LWA SDK support a multiple api-key for android app with changing signing key


The Play Store provides an app's signature key upgrade function for security reasons, etc.

Only once in the app lifecycle

However, lwa's Android SDK provides a function to check only one key in the api-key.txt created with the security profile.

When an app's signing key is upgraded, the user is divided into two cases: updating the app and reinstalling the app (or installing a new one). In the Play Store, update users sign with the previous signing key to distribute the app, and to newly install users, sign and distribute the app with the new signing key.

Eventually, an app can have two signing keys in one version. However, since LWA's api-key.txt supports only one signing key, there are difficulties in operating the app. (An example is when an app is included as a prebuilt app on the phone.)

Therefore, I suggest

In the lwa android SDK, in api-key.txt, by separating the

Put several api-key txts created in the console, and in the sdk api

If there is a case in which at least one of the verifications of these multiple api-keys succeeds, if you implement a method that returns a valid key,

It will be of great help to the operation of the app.

I would appreciate it if you would consider my suggestion and reflect it.

thank you


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