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Use AVS APi in software Alexa implementation

I have a hand developed open source implementation of Alexa, not using the SDK. Runs on any linux platform, or windows, inside another application.. (smart mirror). available to any user that wants to install it, free of charge, on that platform. this provides Alexa voice service to that user community without need of a unique hardware box.

based on the built-in and certification requirements, I cannot pass any of the cert tests, which are hardware focused.

my implementation does not control the microphone, and another process collects the audio that is sent to the AVS api.

all was working great, until the new cert requirement was implemented, and now my Alexa cannot interact with skills.. with no way out..

I thought the idea was Alexa everywhere.

how can I resolve this.

(using the SDK leads to another problem which I don't want, thanks)
i used the api doc and wrote my own implementation .

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Hi, Sam!

Just to sanity check that I'm reading this correctly: It sounds like you're developing an Alexa _client_, roughly equivalent to the old version which ran an Alexa front-end on a Raspberry Pi but trying to be platform-independent so it can run as an app on any platform that has a mic and speaker. Right?

(I haven't even begun to look at that side of the equation, so I can't offer much help, but I wanted to echo back to make sure I was parsing the question correctly.)

I suspect this is a usecase the Alexa developers simply didn't consider.

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Theoretically it could be done by using the Alexa test API -- but Amazon very explicitly says that the test calls are *only* permitted for actually testing a skill, not for use by a skill. Which is a pity, because otherwise one could write a something like Alexa Routines which could be "programmed" by voice. But I understand their fear of intentional or accidental DOS storms, plus their wanting to make sure anything which uses their system is branded as Alexa.
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