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How to know when input TV changed from HDMI1 to HDMI2 programmatically?

I am developing an app for FireTV and FireTV Stick. My app needs to know when HDMI input changed to pause the video. I have found the following information about it:

"Applications targeting FireOS 5 can only listen for the intent ACTION_HDMI_AUDIO_PLUG that has an extra EXTRA_AUDIO_PLUG_STATE indicating the HDMI connection state (plugged-in or unplugged)."

The problem is that any intent is received by the listener when input TV changes from HDMI1 to HDM2 (or broadcast TV input). I am using a FireTV Stick for testing. My target device is FireOS 5.

The events are received only when TV is turned ON/OFF.

Is there any way to know when the tv input changes in a FireTV Stick OS 5?

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