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Reporting an Issue with Alex and Ecobee

Hello - this may not be the right place to post this, but this is what I was able to find so I'll post it hear in the hopes that it might get forward on to the right person or place for review.

I often use Alexa to control Ecobee to adjust the temp, follow a schedule etc. A lot of times, I'll ask Alexa to "Turn the furnace fan on....". Alexa would say or Here is Ecobee.. fan is on. Likewise, I could tell Alexa to turn the furnace fan off, and Ecobee would turn the fan off. That's the one that does not work any longer, and I'd say in the last week, probably, whenever I ask Alexa to turn the furnace fan off, Alexa says she can not find a device name furnace fan. Before was no problem, it would turn it off. But not any longer (note: "Alexa turn the furnace fan on ..." still works).

Can this feature get corrected so that "Alexa turn the furnace fan off..." works again?

Thank you

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