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No April 2022 Royalty Pmt. Acct on hold. Completed multiple requests for Docs

Hi. I've been working w Merch since 2017, and was an FBA seller previously since 2007. I stopped selling FBA in 2015. Account has been in good standing for years. Recently, I received two emails from AZ Merch requesting financial & bus identity info to prove I was a business. My biz is an LLC for 20 years. I provided the info, but then got nervous thinking a phishing attempt. I wrote AZ Merch asking them to confirm these were valid emails and not phishing scams. They replied that they've forwarded the info to the proper department.

I never received the AZ remittance email and have not gotten the April royalties. Since then, I've received occasional emails repeating they are looking into the problem, but no $$.

WHen I check the account, there is nothing stating that it is on HOLD. Any ideas? I've written multiple times, but there is no way to escalate this, no phone, etc. I'm at tier 4,000.



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