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Help minimizing onscreen keyboard after filling in email on a web form

I need html / javascript that will capture the input of a Firestick controller and have it do something else. Reason is I have a splash page that when you hit "Play/Pause" aka "Next" after filling out your email in the form field, it reloads the page and removes my input. The "Previous" button minimizes the keyboard, but since there is no Key ID for the "Back" button, not sure what the best solution is. I was thinking I could have the screen have the "Play/Pause" button make the selector go left once then press enter. This would trigger the "Back" button. (Of course open to any other suggestions on how to minimize the on screen keyboard.)

So far I have the below but this just reloads the page. When I hit next.

Please be aware javascript is new to me so if you assist, please know I know nothing (John Snow) :-)

function checkKey(e){
    if(e.keyCode == 179) {
        //Play-Pause Button
e.key = 37;
e.key = 13;

//Later in the form brackets

<form action="#" onkeydown="checkKey(event);" id="custom-data" _lpchecked="1">
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Can anyone assist on this project?

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