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How to keep Alexa Skill Awake in the background and Invoke the Skill by some external event on Android?

I'm creating a Restaurant Finder Skill mainly for an android device and for the person who is driving. It will be an intelligent skill which will suggest the food place based on the answers provided by the user and user interactions with the skill over time. I know I can get the location points of the user while he/she is interacting with my skill. But, I also want to get the location points visited by the user for having a coffee or meal etc. while he/she is not interacting with my skill or even if the skill is not activated.

Question 01: Is this possible for a skill to collect background data (specifically the location points) while Alexa App is not running or maybe Alexa App is running but the skill has not been used in a while?

Question 02: Can we make Alexa our default assistant in Android Mobile so that we can quickly access our skill?

I'm targeting the users while they are driving. To use a skill on Android, your phone must be unlocked and Alexa App must be running.
Question 03: Is this possible to minimize any of the above steps and make the user experience better by launching our skill with minimum effort?

The above question leads toward the following
Question 4: Is this possible to activate the skill, based on some external event.
For Example, there may be another Android App which runs in the background and while detecting that the user is moving, or even if the user gets drowsy while driving, it invokes my Alexa skill even if (case 1:) the Alexa App is running or (Case 2:) not.

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This sounds like you need both a skill and an android application, both submitting information to the same back-end code.

Or possibly a Google voice app and an android application, since Google can listen while the phone is locked. If you want Alexa access too, you'd have all three talking to the same back-end code.

Alexa isn't always the right tool. Sometimes you need to use others alongside it. Sometimes you just need to use others.

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