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IAP Library Migration: IAPs work fine with App Tester, but hang in Live App Testing

Hi, I just updated to to the AppStore SDK 3 from the old billing library. Everything is working fine with App Tester, but the problem is that when I try to make an IAP in live app testing, the app just hangs. It looks like the issue is that the SDK is not able to create its UI. Here is the relevant line from logcat:

D/Kiwi (21111): ForegroundTaskPipeline: No UI visible to execute task:$1@3bd48275, placing into pending queue until task is visible

Any ideas?

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Were you able to find a solution ? I'm also experiencing this issue. I don't find any other information online about it. The only way I can get the IAP modal to open is by locking screen and unlock it, somehow that makes it work, but it doesn't make sense to me. I would really appreciate some help.

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