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Why Alexa skills are taking too much time to certify?

Hi Everyone,

Not a question but a humble request.

I am working for a company that publishes skills for different clients around the US. Now recently I have noticed that the skills are taking too much time in the review. Today a skill 22 days old got certified which is a significant time and I have more than 200+ skills in review.
Now, this is costing my company a lot. Can any Alexa rep here take this issue and do something about this?
Also, I have been complaining about the Amazon Alexa Dev console too, it is not working which makes life a lot harder.

Please take care of these 2 things.

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My skill was certified roughly a week after I made the request. Admittedly I only have the one skill, and it isn't very complicated nor trying to do anything involving money.

The only problems I've had with the dev console are when authorization has timed out for security reasons; the console is *NOT* good about explaining what has happened. It should actively ask you to sign in again; instead it just doesn't work as expected and gives random web error codes until you explicitly log off and log on again. (Sloppy, Amazon!) You might try that and see if it helps.

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I just submitted a new release of my skill -- which, as I say, is a relatively simple one.

It was approved overnight.

All I can suggest is: Make sure the account is linked to the right email address, make sure someone is watching both that mailbox and its spam filter, and try again?

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Another overnight turnaround. Admittedly I'm in the US region, which may be the best supported, and I'm not trying to do anything involving account linking or money... but it really does sound like the problem is in your end of things rather than Amazon's.
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My skills are pretty easy. They are audio skills. Actually, I am submitting a large number of skills and it doesn't involve account linking or money. Some of them certify quickly (overnight) but a majority of them take a longer time. I remember one skill and it was certified after 2 weeks.

Fun fact all the skills are identical with minor changes.

I have been creating skills for the last 1.5 years and this time it is actually taking a lot of time. They are not rejecting/accepting the skills. They are taking too much time on testing.

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