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Alexa sending incorrect control directive for voice command "Alexa, turn on the AC" and "Alexa, turn off the AC"

I have AC device added in Alexa app having display category "AIR_CONDITIONER" and "THERMOSTAT".

The device supports PowerController, ThermostatController and ModeController interfaces.

Our AC device has modes that are not supported in the ThermostatController's thermostatModes property, hence we are using ModeController to change the AC mode, and ThermostatController to set the temperature.

It is expected that, when voice command "Alexa, turn on/off the AC" is given, the power should be turned on/off. The expected directive that alexa will send is TurnOn/ TurnOff. But instead, we are receiving the SetThermostatMode directive.

A strange thing is that, if we change the name of device from "AC" to any other name , eg - "test AC", the "turn on/off test AC" command works as expected.

Why is there this mismatch in the behaviour when the device name is changed"

Adding the discovery response for the AC device-

alexa smart homedevice discoverythermostat
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